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Missing roof shingles?

Every shingle on your roof adds to its’ integrity and durability. Roof shingles can go missing during heavy rains, strong winds, or hail storms, but they are also prone to detaching if not installed properly. Our roof experts will come to help you out and offer you a solution.

Is your roof missing shingles?

Here’s what should you look for

Most times missing shingles are easily detected since detached shingles usually tend to fall around the house or you can hear shingles flapping on your roof.

Areas to Have Checked:
  • Seams of affected area of shingles

    Shingles are arranged in a staggered pattern so that the ones above cover the seams between the ones below. If your roof ends up with one or more seams exposed to the elements, they may let in water.

  • Valleys or lower parts of the roof meeting

    Losing a shingle at a low point can cause water and debris to collect, increasing the chances for a leak.

Next steps to take.

Step 1

Get it inspected

Schedule a free roof inspection with
WestPro. We will perform a complete
inspection, take measurements, and
figure out the problem.

Step 2

Get it tarped

Missing shingles will allow water to get in your home. WestPro technicians will secure temporary tarping over problem areas, keeping your house dry while you figure out your next move.

Step 3

Get an estimate

We provide you with recommendations and any necessary estimates. We will explain your repair options and determine if you have a valid homeowner’s insurance claim.

Have insurance claims questions?

Giving you peace of mind for years to come.

If you suspect your roof has experienced damage due to a storm, our team is here to walk you through a step by step the process so you can get the coverage you need. Your roof is the most important infrastructural element to your property. Any ordinary issue can quickly escalate causing damage to your roof. Based upon our years of experience, we know what products work best for Colorado’s climate and have a process in place to find the roof repair or replacement option that works best for you and your budget.

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