Need Roof Hail Damage Repair?

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Hire the Right Roofing Contractor to Repair Your Roof

Due to severe hail damage, thousands of roofs are being replaced in Louisville, Lafayette, Boulder, and Longmont this summer. Homeowners are in a tough spot because they have limited time to research roofing companies and materials. So, to help those Coloradans who need a roof repair, here are a few basic things that every roofer needs to be doing on your house.

Install Breathable Underlayment

The roofing contractor should pay special attention to the underlayment. This roofing component is installed between the deck and the shingles. It plays a critical role on protecting your house against water intrusion and leaks.

Most underlayment used in modern homes is made of asphalt-saturated felt. This material has many good qualities and is easy to work with on almost any type of roof. Don’t accept cheap synthetics or tar paper.

Follow the Installation Specifications

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Ensure that the professionals you hire understand the nailing and installation specifications of the shingle manufacturer. The pros must strictly follow both the shingle manufacturer instructions and local building codes and regulations to make sure the warranty applies.

Proper Ventilation

If your house does not have proper ventilation, your shingle warranty may be voided. Adequate ventilation along with good insulation extends the years of service for your roof and saves money as you would have to do fewer repairs.

Once you have determined that your roof needs to be fixed, it’s time to contact a reliable local roofing contractor.

Trust Your Roof Repair to WestPro Roofing

If you suspect your roof may have been damaged in a hail storm and you are part of communities across Boulder County, contact WestPro Roofing. We have worked throughout the region with thousands of happy customers and know how to deal with claims for hail damage. All our installations are done with expertly trained crews and professional supervision to ensure the job is done right.

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