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Avoid Roofing Problems

Roofs not installed to manufacturer specifications can have many issues. This 6-year-old roof had a large section of shingles blow off due to improper nailing patterns, overdriven nails, and poor-quality shingles. The 130mph wind warranties are only valid if proper installation specifications are followed. This is why you should contract professionals in the field.

Consider Hiring Professional Roofers

roof installation coloradoOther than following the manufactures specs when installing a roof, safety is so very important. Roofing is dangerous and as a result, our general liability insurance cost more per person than a policy for a SWAT team! Almost no roofing crews are 100% OSHA compliant. Safety harnesses, proper footwear, and hard hats on the ground are just the tip of the iceberg. It is not always convenient to employ safe work practices, but here at WestPro, we strive for safe job sites going above and beyond to promote a happy and healthy workforce.

Risk of Working on a Roof

While on the roof you will be exposed to many things that pose a hazard to your safety and health.

Loose Items or Debris

Construction materials and tools that you are using to do the job can become a tripping hazard. Plus, tree branches and leaves may also become flying debris in windy conditions.

Electrical Elements

Roof tasks that take you near conduit, solar panels, HVAC equipment, overhead power lines, and other electrical elements need special attention.

Extreme Temperaturecolorado roof repair

If you have a cool roof, note that during spring and summer it will become a very hot place to work on. This means that the risks of dehydration increase when working for hours under the sun.

Slippery Conditions

Steep pitches, an icy roof, snow, moisture, or flat roofs with gravel, requires experience and the necessary equipment to avoid accidents in these conditions.

Motion Injuries

Roof work can generate motion injuries because it involves repetitive activities that demand strength. So, before climbing up your roof remember that you will be using tools, kneeling, lifting constantly, and climbing ladders. Not to mention the long hours you will be standing.

If you need roof installation or to repair an existing roof hassle-free, contact the experts at WestPro Roofing. Our professional roofers are ready to undertake any roofing task. Plus, we are a BBB company that you can trust in Colorado.

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