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Why Choose James Hardie Siding Products?

At WestPro Roofing, we aim to provide our customers with the best products and services. We are strongly committed to making sure that you understand all aspects of your project, including your siding alternatives. Choosing a siding material can be sometimes challenging as there are many different types of siding in the market. However, we highly recommend to our customers James Hardie Fiber Cement. This product is one of the best options for Denver area homes and here we tell you why.

Wood SidingWood Siding

You may appreciate wood siding charm because of it’s natural, rustic appearance. However, this beauty comes with a price. Wood contracts and expands when subjected to harsh weather conditions which results in a high level of upkeep. Thus, it requires regular inspection, maintenance, and repair to keep it from rotting or molding, and make sure that it can keep its appearance and functionality. On top of this, wood siding would require replacement or be repainted every five years or so, as it does not hold paint well and often rots at the bottom edges.

Fiber Cement Siding

As for fiber cement siding installation in Colorado, it is simply stronger and more durable than wooden versions. It does not expand or contract under extreme temperatures or humidity levels, making it a more stable alternative than other siding materials. The best part about this fantastic siding material is that it retains its appearance, color, and texture for a long time. This means that your home will keep its curb appeal, even under harsh weather conditions.

siding contractor in ColoradoIn sum, because of its characteristics, fiber cement will not crack, fade, or deteriorate over time, making your house look great all-year round.

If you want to learn more about siding materials or installation, call WestPro Roofing at 303-502-9863. We are a leading James Hardie siding contractor in Colorado. Schedule an appointment for a free consultation or receive an estimate for your project here.

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