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Best Prefinished Siding Alternative

If you are looking to improve the looks of your house while protecting it effectively against the elements, consider James Hardie ColorPlus Siding. This prefinished siding alternative brings several benefits to your homes overall structure and aesthetics.

Benefits of James Hardie ColorPlus Siding

Every homeowner wants the best products for their home, and siding is no exception. Here are the three main advantages of using James Hardie ColorPlus Siding:

benefits of Colorplus sidingConsistent Finish

James Hardie applies approximately 50% more coats than your average house painter on all of their siding products, resulting in a uniform finish. That means you won’t have to scrap and repaint your siding anymore.

Curated Color Selections

The ColorPlus selection is designed to make the process easier for customers. You can review six different color schemes for your siding in Colorado: warm, cool, fresh, light, dark, and neutral.

Unmatchable Resistance to the Elements

Unlike other siding products, ColorPlus siding does not dull substantially over time.  Thanks to their multiple coats and baked-on bond, you can enjoy a high-quality siding that won’t fade due to constant exposure from harmful UV rays. Plus, its stronger bond makes this product resistant to chipping, peeling and cracking.

In sum, when installing a James Hardie ColorPlus Siding, you won’t have to worry about another siding installation for a long time.

Buy James Hardie ColorPlus Siding in Colorado

The benefits of ColorPlus siding is that it has a 15-year paint finish warranty. It does not have to be painted. WestPro only installs ColorPlus siding because of its superior resistance to Colorado weather.

As the leading company for siding installation in Colorado, WestPro Roofing is proud to offer James Hardie fiber cement siding with ColorPlus Technology. Contact us or call us at 303-502-9863 to start enhancing your home today!

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