How Does Hail Damage Asphalt Shingles?

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The Dangers of a Roof Damaged by Hail

After large hail fell throughout Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont, and Boulder, many of our customers are asking us. “What does hail do to a roof?”

There are many types of roofs, but asphalt shingles are the most popular type of roof for homes in the Boulder area. When a large hailstone falls from the sky and contacts the shingle, it strikes the surface of a shingle so hard that granular (rock) on the shingle is embedded in the asphalt and knocked off the impact area. This is why the affected area is dark black as the hail strike has exposed fresh asphalt.

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Dislodged Shingles

Hail can displace, loosen or shift shingles from its installed location. As a consequence, sealing strips built into the shingles can become “unglued” or “weakened.”

Material Removal and Penetration

The goal of a roof is to shed water off the roof. When hail fractures, punctures or removes the material from the edges of the roof shingles, water will penetrate through this fracture, creating potential leaks.

Severe Granule Loss

The granules on asphalt shingles protect them from UV light, provide some fire resistance, and add to the aid of shingle packaging. Granule loss will diminish the effectiveness of the shingles to perform as they should.

In addition to displacing granular, the hailstone may tear, bruise, or fracture the internal fiberglass mat of the shingle on which the asphalt is applied. The fracturing of this inner fiberglass layer can compromise the shingle’s ability to shed water properly. Also, the bruised area will undergo rapidly accelerated weathering.

hail damage leakProfessional roofing contractors, insurance companies, and home inspectors all agree that this type of damage should be repaired to avoid additional problems with the roofing system. If this type of hail damage is widespread on a roof, then the roof should be replaced in its entirety.

In sum, neglecting hail damage will cause premature aging to the function of the roof.

Contact the expert roofers from WestPro Roofing if you need roof hail damage repair or a roof replacement in Colorado.

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