Wood Accent Siding is THE New Design Trend 

After many years with the incredibly popular farmhouse trend, homeowners are looking for new and unique exterior siding options to really make their homes stand out. However, we at WestPro predict that all white siding is not going away anytime soon. As we talk to more and more homeowners about their design options, we see that new and interesting exterior siding styles are becoming increasingly more popular. For Boulder county homeowners and the surrounding communities, we are seeing less modern farmhouse and more organic modern home designs. As Modern Organic is on the rise, wood siding accents are the newest siding and home exterior trend. Wood accent siding, specifically wood accent walls, provides both a color contrast and a  siding texture contrast for eye catching exteriors. 

Options for Wood Siding Accents

At WestPro, we love this emerging siding trend because homeowners can really add their unique style. As a siding contractor, these options can make our siding design and siding estimate appointments a lot of fun! There are so many wood siding and placement options that this trend allows for extremely unique exteriors. Check out some of the wood siding accent options below for inspiration. The possibilities truly are endless. 

Wood and Grey Plank Siding 

Pair horizontal wood siding with horizontal lap siding for a stand-out accent wall and still maintain a cohesive look for your home. These homeowners combined two wood accent design options. These homeowners make their entry a focal point from the curb with wood siding matching their door and warming up the face of their home. In addition to this, they added a section of wood lap siding on the side of the home to provide additional warmth in contrast to the cool grey fiber cement siding on the rest of the home.

Use a wood accent to frame out an area of your home

Create a focal point by framing out your garage or your entryway with wood siding accents around the garage door. Pair wood accented siding with earth tones for a warm and welcoming feel. These homeowners chose vertical lap wood siding to contrast with their warm green vertical siding to frame out their garage. 

Add interest and depth with subtle wood soffits

These homeowners accent their dark and moody board and batten siding with wood soffit for a soft subtle touch. Choosing wood accents for your soffit is a great option for homeowners looking for just a touch of warmth. Not only does this look really good and add a unique dimension to the home, the wood is better protected from the elements and will last even longer. 

Make a Section Stand out With Wood Siding

These homeowners chose to pair dark rich brown vertical siding with a warm wood horizontal plank siding for a beautiful modern look. Siding a whole section of your home with wood is a fantastic way to add unique depth to your home. 

Accent Dark Siding with Wood Trim

Looking to make subtle upgrades to your home? Wood trim can take a monochrome look to a whole new level adding depth and warmth at a great price. These homeowners chose a dark horizontal lap siding and accented with warm wood trim and wood porch columns for added curb appeal and modernity. 

Pair Wood Soffit with Wood Siding for Added Warmth

These homeowners paired two wood accent design trends while paying homage to the white with black accent farmhouse trend. The home features vertical wood siding to create a entry way focal point while also including wood soffit for a seamless wood accent. 

This photos is a great example of  the most popular emerging siding trims. The exterior home trend is to combine two or three of the following types of siding.

Smooth Lap Siding (shown in white), Reveal Panel Siding with black or bronze trim, (shown in grey), and wood or wood grain aluminum lap siding. Combining these different siding styles is certainly the strongest emerging siding trend for new custom homes, and remodeling projects that include siding replacement.

How to get the look

There are a number of siding companies and siding manufacturers that produce products that can be combined to achieve this overall siding aesthetic. After researching a number of these siding companies and installation techniques, it is clear that combining the right siding products is critical to making the home exterior durable, while achieving the desired siding style. After researching, tinkering, and installing these products, here is what we found is the best siding combination for Colorado, if you want a modern siding aesthetic, with wood siding accent walls. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the best siding options to achieve the Modern Organic Siding look.

Painted Lap Siding: James Hardie Artisan Siding is Available in V Groove, Shiplap, or Square Channel. The Artisan Siding is part of the new Aspyre Collection by James Hardie. This ⅝” thick siding by James Hardie provides the classic, artisan look of lap siding styles from the early 1900s. As a siding contractor, we believe that using Artisan Lap Siding from James Hardie is the best way to achieve this timeless siding design. 

Reveal Panel Siding: James Hardie also manufactures siding panels that are commonly used in Board and Batten Siding, but can also be used with Aluminum or Steel Trim in between the panels. Using a combination of metal trim reveals, and smooth James Hardie Panels, allows us to achieve this siding design while leaning on the durability of Fiber Cement.

Wood Grain Aluminum Siding: Enjoy the look and feel of natural wood without the issues and constant maintenance. Wood grain aluminum siding is an inexpensive way to draw attention to your home, make an impression, and protect your home with quality products that are meant to stand up to the Colorado climate. The Aluminum siding system creates a rainscreen air cavity to protect your structure from water infiltration and reduce heat transfer. The system incorporates the most up to date building science technology, providing the very best exterior available, while respecting your budget. 

Why not use real wood for siding accents? 

As you can imagine, wood is not a great option for home exteriors, especially in the Colorado climate. Cedar, Pine, and other wood siding materials are not fire resistant and will be susceptible to mold and pests. There are many products available now that offer the same look of wood siding but are more durable and more eco-friendly. WestPro is excited to offer a wood accent option that looks great but has increased durability over actual wood. This is particularly important in Boulder County and Larimer County for homes that may be in the wildfire hazard areas. In these areas, combustible siding and soffits made from real wood may not meet local building code requirements. 

Get a free quote and design options for wood siding accents

WestPro is excited to offer wood siding to accent homes in Boulder county and the surrounding communities. We look forward to working with you to create a unique look for your home. Each home is unique and elements like wood accented siding provide ways to add your style to the home and increase curb appeal. 

Interested in your options? Get a free quote and design consultation today!

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