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A Simple Guide to Properly Assess Hail Damage to Your Roof

The first thing you need to know before climbing to your roof is that hail damage can be latent or severe. Latent imperfections refer to hail damage that is hidden at first sight and over time, when not taken care off, will lead to cracks and leaks. Severe damage can be easily recognized because it shows a visible sign of damage to your roof.

Assessing Latent Damage

Assess Hail Damage to Your RoofThe best way of spotting latent damage is to inspect your surrounding property. If you notice any imperfection in the siding, windows, exterior appliances, or landscape means that the roof could be damaged as well. To assess the damage once you are on your roof, just run your fingers over a shingle to feel for small dimples in the surface.

Assessing Severe Damage

Set up a ladder to your roof to examine it. Check the ridge cap of the roof for dents. Pay attention to each shingle on the structure, as well as the edges. Things like bruising, cracking and granules missing from asphalt are a clear indication of hail damage. Also, circular cracks are evident when the hail hits a shingle hard enough.

When you need to repair hail damage, it is best to work with an experienced and qualified roofer and avoid engaging in a D.Y.I. repair. It is best to leave the task to the experts as they will follow your insurance company’s guidelines.

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