How Is Hardiewrap Weather Barrier Better Than Other House Wraps?

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James Hardie is a company that specializes in weather-resistant exteriors that are not only beautiful but very resistant to the elements for residential or commercial buildings. They offer the well-acclaimed fiber cement siding products. They stand out from other house wraps because they offer a second line of defense. Let’s take a deeper look at these amazing products.

Engineered for Any Climate

James Hardie productsJames Hardie years of research and commitment to developing top of the line exterior products have come to the conclusion that humidity and temperature are the most influential factors that affect weather barrier performance. The humidity and temperature differences align with the two HardieZone® regions. So, they created two weather barriers:

HZ5® Regions

Cold and wet climates are found in the Northern US. For this climate, James Hardie provides a 25-perm product. The HZ5® (labeled with the green logo) is a permeability level that helps to keep water out but allowing water vapor to escape.

HZ10® Regions

Contrary, in the Southern US the climates are hot and humid. For these characteristics, a 15-perm product is best for keeping humid air out, while still allowing water vapor to escape. The HZ10® is labeled black.

High-Quality Materials

HardieWrap weather barrier is an 11-mil thick sheet that provides better strength than other house wraps. It also contains a unique MicroTech™ coating that provides a better balance of water resistance and water vapor permeability. This means that water incursion is reduced while moisture vapor is released from inside to dry out the wall cavity. Plus, the HardieWrap® also delivers superior air resistance to minimize energy loss.

siding installationAll in all, when you acquire a Hardiewrap® Weather Barrier, you get an outstanding barrier to water and moisture, by combining the HardieWrap weather barrier with the HardieWrap flex flashing, the HardieWrap pro flashing, and HardieWrap seam tape.

Now that you know the advantage of the James Hardie products, contact WestPro Rooding in Colorado. We are a company offering James Hardie products and installation in the area.

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