Hail Damage to Plastic Skylights

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Replace Your Plastic Skylights with a Velux Glass Skylight

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Hail Damage to plastic skylights? Most are easy to replace with clear, beautiful, Velux Glass Skylights. These amazing skylight products can fit existing curbs holding plastic bubbles. Reach out to our expert roofers to replace your plastic skylights. You can also upgrade your skylights by adding attractive blinds.

Here are some reasons for using Velux Skylights.

Top Quality and Energy Saving Skylight

Velux is a brand of traditional skylights that offers superior protection against the elements by combining new technologies with quality glasses. Their latest models have a sensor that allows you to close the skylight during rain automatically. Many of these products also come with a remote, which can be used to open and close the skylight as you desire. Install them along with blinds to further increase energy efficiency and reduce power bills. We use 3 styles of Velux skylights:

  • Deck Mounted Skylights
  • Curb Mounted Skylights
  • Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights

Benefits and Features of Velux Glass Skylight

  • Airtight and leak-free warranty
  • Does not discolor with time
  • Significant¬†reduction in heat gain
  • Sleeker roofline than plastic skylights
  • 20-year warranty on the glass seal
  • Less susceptible to hail damage
  • Clearer view and laminated safety glass
  • Argon gas insulation and Energy Star approved
  • Newer models offer Low-E 3 protective coating
  • Eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit

In sum, Velux skylights bring in natural light to your rooms while saving energy of electricity bills. When you decide to upgrade your existing plastic skylight or repair the damaged one, reach out to the experts in the field. Installing or repairing a skylight is something that has to be done by professionals.


If you notice storm damage to your skylights, worry not, WestPro Roofing professionals are here to provide quality service to existing skylights and replacements for skylights that have suffered hail damage. In addition to this, we offer roofing, gutter and siding services in Colorado. Request a quote here.

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