Tips for Inspecting Your Roof After a Storm

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The Importance of Checking Your Roof for Damage

It is very simple, after a rainstorm, thunderstorm or hailstorm has passed, to inspect your residential roof and other components such as the ceiling floor, allowing you to detect possible damage. This will help you know if repair is needed before problems become severe. Here is what to look for once a storm has ended.

Inside Your House

Check inside your home for any evidence of leakage. This includes paying attention to symptoms such as:

  • Water stains on ceilings or walls
  • Moisture dripping or pooling in your attic
  • Waterlogged light fixtures
  • Any other symptoms like bubbling or peeling paint on your walls, and drips from the ceiling or puddles on the floorinspecting residential roof

This task can be done by homeowners. However, you can always seek professional help in case you don’t have the time or prefer the help of expert roofers.

Inspecting the Roof

Evidence of storm damage can be detected by inspecting the outer part of your roof.

  • Chipped or dented shingles, mostly caused by a hailstorm
  • Loosened flashings and fasteners
  • Damaged sealing strips

Once you spot any roof damage, it is highly recommended to address this problem as soon as you can. Leaving leakage issues or any other type of damage unattended will most likely develop into severe problems that will be costlier to fix and in the worst-case scenario roof replacement. Further, a damaged roof represents a health risk to you and your family as mold and mildew can grow causing allergies. Also, we do not encourage homeowners to climb a roof after a storm has ended. This is because often shingles are slippery, and the roof’s structure could have weakened in spots. Professional roofers have the expertise and the correct equipment to perform this task safely.

Should you need roof replacement or repair in Colorado, contact WestPro Roofing professionals. Our team members not only are certified but will use quality roofing products if replacements are needed.

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