Seasonal Maintenance Tips for Your Roof

Ways to Care for Your Residential Roof Spring is here and as the weather warms up, it’s time to turn your attention to home maintenance tasks. Once the winter days are over, you may want to [...]

How to Safely Clean Your Gutters

Importance of Gutter Maintenance The gutters on your roof are a key component of the roofing structure, especially during rainy months. This important part of your roof helps protect the [...]

Tips for Inspecting Your Roof After a Storm

The Importance of Checking Your Roof for Damage It is very simple, after a rainstorm, thunderstorm or hailstorm has passed, to inspect your residential roof and other components such as the [...]

Got Leaky Gutters? Experts Advice to Address the Problem

A Common Cause of Roofline Leaks If you have roofline leaks, don’t panic! Most of the leaks that you will find aren’t because your entire roof is defective, and you need a new one. Often leaks [...]

Want a Permanent Solution for Your Roof Problems?

Hire Experts in the Roofing Field WestPro Roofing is a top of the line roofing contractor offering full roofing services. Patrick and Beck founded the company with the sole intention of providing [...]

All You Need to Know About Siding

What is Siding? Siding in construction refers to a material used to surface the exterior of a building or home that protects them from the external elements, prevents heat loss, and visually [...]